Thursday, 26 April 2018

Whether They Stop Fulani Herdsmen From Killing Or Not They Can't Stop Biafra From Coming - Biafran Activist Sparks


Thousands die on monthly basis in this contraption called Nigeria.  The basis for the establishment of government is the protection of lives and property.  The recurrence of death in Nigeria casts some doubt on the existence of government.  Does Nigeria have a functional government? The incessant occurrence of loss of innocent lives across the geographical space called Nigeria bespeaks the inability of government to leave up to their billing.  

A situation where loss of lives continue unabated in an enclave supposedly under the administration of government is indeed egregious and regrettable.  Biafrans have been contriving to divorce Nigeria for a very long time.  The struggle to disentangle Biafra from the abductive grips of Nigeria has reached its crescendo,  as it has become a globalized news item.  This incidence of avoidable loss of lives amidst the quest for dissolution confirms the claims put up by the separatists,  one of which is this writer.  

It has been our well considered submission that Nigeria is not suitable for anything that respires.  We see our ability to stay alive in captivity in Nigeria for many years as a classical case of MIRACLE on earth.  How we have managed to stay alive chained to this fatal captor is beyond our ken.  It simply shows that our God is with us. A country that cannot protect the lives and properties of those that feel the gravitational pull of its imagined,  not real, nationality ought to be able to exterminate separatists like us.  God is the unseen force operating behind the scene.  It all proves that our severance from this precarious contraption is inevitable.  

Nigeria,  I dare say,  lacks the right to make any claim to unity in the face of the glaring political, economic, and religious disparities. Nigeria is, arguably, the most disunited country in the world - a sign that Britain, its (not her,  since Nigeria is not a functional nation-state) creator, did a terrible job.  One can logically move from the horrible state of Nigeria to that of its creator. Perhaps that is the plausible reason Britain has no identifiable source of income,  her antiquated existence as a "civilised" country and major player in international politics notwithstanding. Like the unproductive northern part of Nigeria like Britain,  its creator.  The apple does not fall far from the tree,  indeed!

How can any sane person talk the clamour for exclusion from Nigeria down when nepotism, arson, rape, unlawful cum unprovoked invasion, and the attempt to force one religion down the throats of Nigerians have become the order of the day?  No true human should be comfy living in a place where human life is not as valuable as that of tetrapods like cattle and sheep.  Bipods such as humans and other primates are actually superior to tetrapods (4-legged creatures), but the reverse is the case in Nigeria, and Britain is okay with that? How bashful!  Britain's romance with the beastly northerners in Nigeria is a sign that the WHITENESS OF THE SKIN DOES NOT DENOTE CLEANLINESS OF THE MIND. 

Britain does not want Biafrans to leave Nigeria, yet she could leave Europe.  This country must learn to live and let live. We all know that the British Government is the issue here,  because even Brexit came from the resilience of the people as against the opposition of the government. It takes another beast to support the inhuman activities taking place in another. Britain's insistence that we remain glued to a murderous Nigeria betrays her true devilish nature. Neither Britain nor the FGN has been able to stop the wanton destruction of lives and properties in Nigeria.  Consequently,  neither of them can stop Biafra from deserting Nigeria for good. Biafrans have made up their minds to leave Nigeria this time.  So shall it be.  We cannot be stopped. Our freedom is inevitable. It is time to take our human and natural resources far away from the criminal grips of Nigeria's and Britain's. In order to exist outside the control of Britain completely, I propose that we change the name of our would-be currency from POUNDS to BIAN.  


Russell Idatoru Sunju Bluejack
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