Friday, 27 April 2018

The killings in Nigeria is a call for another civil war— Rowland Owie

—FORMER Senate Chief Whip, Senator
Rowland Owie, yesterday warned that the
nation might be plunged into another civil war
if the current killings by suspected herdsmen
were not checked by the Federal Government.
Sen. Owie
Owie who condemned the killing of two
reverend fathers and several others, recently in
Benue State, described it as satanic and
unacceptable, lamenting that the All
Progressives Congress, APC-led government
had failed to stop the killings.
The leader of the Action Democratic Party, ADP,
in the South-South, who spoke to Vanguard,
said: “It is the height of satanic acts for
herdsmen now to descend on missionaries in
the Middle Belt and Southern parts of Nigeria.
Only a few days ago, a Catholic priest in the
Archdiocese of Benin was kidnapped. We thank
God that he has just been released. The
present security situation in Nigeria is the
worst since independence.
“This is a reflection of the failure of the APC-
led Federal Government. Have these herdsmen
been in the moon till after the 2015 general
elections? Why have they become very visible
now all over the country? Why was IPOB that
never killed one person be proscribed as a
terror organization and Fulani herdsmen are
operating without inhibition?
“According to them, Federal Government should
know that there will certainly be a judgment
day before God Almighty and all those who are
perpetrating the evil will answer for their
crimes. A government that cannot guarantee
the security of her citizens has no reason to
remain in power. May the Almighty God grant
the souls of the massacred Benue indigenes
and the two Rev. Fathers rest. The killers are
barbarians and they will not go unpunished.”

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