Sunday, 15 April 2018


When President Muhammadu Buhari arrived in the
United Kingdom in preparation for the
Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting,
Archbishop Justin Welby, the Archbishop of
Cantetbury and the presiding Bishop of the
Church of England, who dutifully sat at his
bedside when he was critically ill last year and
who has assumed the role of his beloved second
wife, said the following:
"Mr. President, you have my best wishes on your
recent decision. I read your declaration speech.
We are neutral as a Church but we will pray for
you. Great statesmen are those who run for the
good of their country. We will be praying for you".
There is no question in my mind that Welby is
Buhari's new-found bride.
As I said in an earlier contribution, it is clear to
me that this 'same-sex-marriage-loving' and
confused English Archbishop deserves to be hung,
drawn, quartered and burnt at the stake!
He says he will be praying for a blood-lusting and
tyrannical monster that has inflicted nothing but
pain and hardship on the Nigerian people.
What on earth have we done to Justin Welby to
deserve this disdain, contempt, insult and
mockery? Would he pray that such a creature
should preside over the affairs of his Great
Does Justin know who and what his husband
really is and what he has done? Does he even
care to do the research and find out?
Has the blood of the Christian martyrs and saints
that has been shed over the last three years in
Nigeria not moved or touched the heart of this
so-called Archbishop?
Has he lost all sense of decency and compassion
and has the milk of human kindness stopped
flowing in his veins?
Has he stopped hearing from God or is he just
rebellious and defiant to the leading of the Spirit
and the voice of the Lord? As a matter of fact did
he EVER hear from God?
When a senior cleric espouses a cold-blooded and
merciless demoniac it gives cause for concern.
When a shepherd encourages and endorses the
bestial atrocities of an insatiable wolf that takes
pleasure in devouring his sheep it is an
Since when did the Church of England and the
Archbishop of Canterbury sink so low?
You are associating with a tyrant who is in open
collusion and collaboration with Fulani herdsmen
and Boko Haram and who has presided over,
orchestrated and encouraged the mass murder
and slaughter of hundreds of thousands of his
own people.
This is a man who has refused to label the Fulani
herdsmen terrorists and who has publicly
identified with some of the core values of Boko
Haram and defended them on numerous
occasions over the years.
You say that you are neutral as a Church yet you
keep having photo-ops and closed-door meetings
with the tyrant and you refuse to condemn him
for his gross and barbaric human rights
violations, his attacks on and marginalisation of
adherents of the Christian faith, his contempt for
the Church and his hatred for non-Muslims and
non-Fulanis. I say shame on you!
The attempt by the British government and
intelligence agencies, using a discredited and out
of touch 'same-sex-marriage-loving' Archbishop
Justin Welby, to help to prop up and legitimise a
failed tyrant, an ethnic cleanser and a genocidal
maniac who hates and kills non-Fulanis, Shia
Muslims, IPOB youths and Christians, will fail.
Permit me to go further by putting the following
questions to the Archbishop.
How can you possibly know who your real friends
in Nigeria are or who and what your husband
really is when you didn't even know who your real
father was until two years ago?
How can you possibly recognise the fact that
entering into intimate relations and deep fraternity
with a man whose hands are soaked in blood and
who delights in indulging in wickedness and
injustice is anti-Christ and ungodly when you
preside over a Church that encourages and
administers same-sex marriages and that believes
that being gay is a virtue?
Is it any wonder that many Anglican
denominations all over the world, including
Nigeria and Africa, severed ties with and
renounced the English branch of the Anglican
Church over ten years ago because of your love
for homosexuals and gay marriage and other
grave doctrinal violations of the Holy Scriptures?
I have nothing but contempt for your weakness
and inability to preserve and protect the gospel
and true teachings and beliefs of Our Lord and
Saviour Jesus Christ and I view you as nothing
but a compromised and corrupted hell-bound
Your love for your husband Buhari does not
surprise me. I am aware that it has always been
so since his days at PTF.
I do not expect any better from you because I
know how flawed, insensitive, seedy, irresponsible,
detached, out of touch with reality and
compromised you really are but because of your
station in the Church and reverred calling others
may well do. Consequently I am constrained to
put the following questions to you.
Have you asked the Christian Association of
Nigeria (CAN) what they and the 120 million
Christians that they represent have been going
through since your husband came to power?
Do you know how many Christians are killed on a
daily basis in Nigeria by security forces and
state-sponsored Fulani jihadist militias?
Have you asked the Anglican Communion in
Nigeria what Christians have been going through
in our country under your husband?
Have you asked the Methodists, the Baptists, the
Catholics, the Evangelicals, the Pentecostals, the
Cherubim and Seraphim, the Apostolic Church,
CAC, ECWA, COCIN or any other Christian
denomination in Nigeria what their members have
witnessed over the last three years?
Have you sought the counsel of the National
Christian Elders Forum (NCEF) and found out
from them precisely what the overall objective
and long-term plans of your husband's
government is for Christians in Nigeria and how
his greatest desire is to islamise our nation
through a process that they have aptly described
as "stealth jihad"?
Have you read the excellent article titled "Nigeria
and State Complicity With Terrorists" by the
British security analyst Dr. Ann McGregor which
makes a compelling case about the collusion and
strong collaboration that exists between the
Buhari government and the Al Barnawi-faction of
Boko Haram?
Do you know how Christian officers are treated in
the security and intelligence agencies and in the
Armed Forces in Nigeria?
Do you know the indignities that they have been
subjected to and do you appreciate the fact that
they cannot speak out due to fear of sanctions
and reprisals?
Do you know that every single one of the para-
military, security and intelligence agencies in
Nigeria and every branch of the Nigerian Armed
Forces except for the Navy is headed by a
northern Muslim?
Are you aware of the fact that the Trump
administration, through Vice President Mike Pence
of the United States of America, has described
Nigeria as "the most dangerous place in the
world for Christians to live?"
Do you know that they are absolutely right about
Do you know that thousands of Shiite Muslims
and Igbo youths have been butchered by your
husband's security agencies and Armed Forces
over the last three years?
Do you know that Nigeria has become an abbatoir
of human blood and butchery under him?
Do you know that Amnesty International has
accused your husband's government of heinous
human rights violations and mass murder?
Do you know that Transparancy International has
accused him and his government of indulging in
more corruption than any other government that
came before him?
Do you know that the IMF has said that more
people are hungry under his government than any
previous administration?
Do you know that President Olusegun Obasanjo,
President Ibrahim Babangida, President Goodluck
Jonathan, General T.Y. Danjuma, Vice President
Atiku Abubakar, the leaders of Afenifere,
Ohaeneze, The Middle Belt Forum, the Niger Delta
elders and countless other leaders across political
party and socio-cultural lines have condemned
your husbands activities and record in public
office and asked him not to come back?
Do you know that 808 Christians were murdered
in their homes by Fulani herdsmen on Christmas
eve and Christmas day alone in 2016?
Do you know that not one of the herdsmen that
perpetuated this heinous crime was caught or
brought to justice simply because they enjoy the
support of your husband and his security
Do you know that hundreds of thousands of
others have been butchered in the same way and
by the same people all over the Middle Belt and
the south over the last three years?
Do you know the terror the Christians and
indigenous people of Taraba, Benue, Plateau,
Adamawa, Kogi, Kwara, Nassarawa, Niger, Enugu,
Abia, Anambra, Oyo, Ogun, Ekiti, Oshun, Delta,
Edo, Akwa Ibom, Cross Rivers, Imo, Ebonyi,
Lagos, Zamfara and others have been subjected
to by your husbands kinsmen in the name of
cattle-herding over the last three years?
Do you know that when the Fulanis kill they
target women and children especially and they
remove the vital organs, eyes, tongue, private
parts, liver, kidneys and hearts of their victims?
Do you know that they use those human parts for
ritual purposes? Do you know that they are
pagans and not real Muslims?
Do you know that not one Fulani herdsman has
been brought to justice in the last three years by
your husband even though they have slaughtered
hundreds of thousands of innocent and
defenceless Christians and non-Fulani Muslims all
over the country?
Do you know that they enjoy official protection
and support from your husband? Do you know
that your husband refers to them publicly as his
"people" and his "brothers" and that he has
appealed to the communities whose people they
have slaughtered to "accomodate them" and
"treat them with understanding?"
Do you know that Christians and non-Fulanis are
disarmed by your husbands security forces and
told that they must not attempt to defend
themselves when they are attacked by the Fulani
otherwise they will be arrested or shot by the
police or the military?
Do you know that your husband once said that
Boko Haram should not be wiped out and that
"an attack on Boko Haram is an attack on the
Do you know that Boko Haram once proposed
him as their spokesman and chief negotiator in
proposed talks with President Jonathan's
Do you know that he shares some of their core
values and objectives such as the view that
sharia must be spread and practised in every part
of the country?
Do you know that he once said that Muslims
should only vote for Muslims? Do you know that
he once said that it is not the business of
Christians when Muslims cut off the limbs of
other Muslims under sharia because it is not
Christian limbs that are being cut off?
Do you know that your husband hates the Igbo
people of south-eastern Nigeria who are
predominantly Christians? Do you know that over
2 million of the Igbo, including 1 million children,
were slaughtered by Nigerian forces in our civil
war and that your husband was deeply involved in
that carnage and slaughter?
Do you know that last year he declared IPOB, an
Igbo organisation who believe in the right of self-
determination and the establishment of Biafra,
who do not have an armed wing and who have
never carried arms, killed anyone or indulged in
any form of violence, as a terrorist organisation?
Do you know that he "disappeared" Nnamdi Kanu,
the leader of IPOB and in the process killed many
people in his house?
Do you know that he has locked up Sheik El Zak
Zaky, the leader of the Shiite Muslims in Nigeria,
indefinately and against court orders after killing
his children, slaughtering hundreds of his people,
shooting his wife four times in the stomach and
shooting him in the eye?
Do you know that he has detained Col. Sambo
Dasuki, a former National Security Advisor, a
reasonable, moderate, civilised, urbane,
cosmopolitan, liberal and blue-blooded Fulani
Prince of the Sokoto Caliphate and a man whose
only crimes are that he served President Goodluck
Jonathan diligently and that he presents a
credible and potent threat to your husbands
tyrannical government and 2019 ambitions?
Do you know that your husband has not only
given Boko Haram millions of dollars in ransoms
over the last three years but he has also released
ALL their key commanders and granted them
Do you know that many of the freed Boko Haram
footsoldiers that your husband has set free are
secretly being drafted into the Nigerian Army?
Do you know that your husband's Minister of
Information, one Lai Mohammed, once complained
that Boko Haram should never have been
proscribed in the first place and that it was
"unjust" for the Jonathan administration to have
done so?
Do you know that the supposed kidnap of the
Dapchi schoolgirls was a government-sponsored
money-making scam and that the only girl that
was not freed and allowed to go home was Leah
Sharibu, the only Christian amongst them, simply
because she refused to renounce her faith?
Do you know that your husband has consistently
humiliated Christians, insulted CAN, shamed the
Church and treated believers with more contempt
than any other President or Head of State in the
history of Nigeria since he came to power?
Do you know that he is an ethnic cleanser whose
Air Force has bombed predominantly Christian IDP
camps and communities and whose Army has
colluded with Fulani herdsmen to commit
genocide and mass murder against Christian
Do you know the number of petitions and credible
allegations that have been filed against your
husband and his military commanders at the
International Criminal Court at the Hague (ICC)
and do you know that he has committed more
crimes against humanity and war crimes than
virtually all of those that have been jailed by that
same court in the past.
Do you know that northern and Middle Belt
Nigeria is in a state of undeclared war and that
thousands of people are slaughtered by your
husband's Fulani herdsmen every day?
Do you know how much suffering and havoc he
has unleashed in our land and how much he has
tormented our people?
The truth is that your marriage to Buhari sickens.
By entering into this ungodly union you have
betrayed your calling as a priest and you turned
your back on the whole of Christiandom.
You have also spat on the graves of hundreds of
thousands of believers that your husband has
murdered over the last three years.
You have defecated on the memories and the
sacrifice of the martyrs and pissed all over the
holy scrlptures that constrains us to stand up
against tyrants and bullies, to speak up for the
oppressed, the weak, the persecuted, the poor, the
falsely accused and the righteous, to fight against
injustice and tyranny and to resist evil.
Like Macbeth you have murdered sleep, you shall
sleep no more and your wickedness shall come
back to haunt you.
You should bow your head in shame and ask God
for forgiveness.
I advise you to file divorce papers against Buhari,
terminate your ungodly marriage to him and find
yourself a new husband.
Finally consider this.
President Donald Trump broke the news to the
world that American, British and French jets were
on their way to bomb Syria on the morning of
14th April he asked the following question:
"To Iran and to Russia, I ask: What kind of a
nation wants to be associated with the mass
murder of innocent men, women and children?"
I put the same question to Archbishop Justin
Welby and all those that share his unnatural
affection, love and support for President
Muhammadu Buhari today by asking,
"What kind of a man wants to be associated with
the mass murder of innocent men, women and

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