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HAPPENING NOW: IPOB launches operation cow dance in Nigerian Embassy, London


The very highest command of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) have commenced Operation Cow Dance in London tonight to flush out the great impostor Aminu Jubril from Sudan posing as the dead Muhammadu Buhari and hand him to interpol for DNA test to determine if he is who the Fulani cabal says he is.

We know the real Buhari died in London on the 23rd of January 2017 and buried in  Saudi Arabia.

Biafrans from across the United Kingdom will be gathering in Abuja House for the hunt this evening. Radio Biafra worldwide live broadcast will be coming from Abuja House in London at 7pm London Time.

The fake Buhari (Jubril) was last seen fleeing from Abuja House last night when IPOB descended on the building. Tonight the search for Jubril will intensify across the whole of London. Until the slimy Sudanese is caught and handed over to police for DNA test, IPOB will not rest. We know the man masquerading as Buhari is fake and is Jubril from Sudan, we are going to get his DNA to prove it.

Meeting Point: Abuja House London
Time: 6.30pm UK Time

OPERATION COW DANCE to apprehend and submit Jubril to DNA test is on.

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