Thursday, 26 April 2018

BIAFRA: The witch-hunt against Chidoka , Abaribe must stop or else—IPOB

yesterday asked the federal government to stop
what it called the ongoing witch hunt against
former Aviation Minister, Chief Osita Chidoka
and Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe representing
Abia South in the senate, who both stood
surety for the embattled IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

the IPOB media and publicity
secretary, Comrade Emma Powerful said
whoever advised the All Progressives Congress,
APC,-controlled federal government to go after
Nnamdi Kanu’s sureties and friends did not
wish the country well.
According to the statement, it was unfortunate
that anybody seen close to Kanu must be
persecuted or killed and regretted the fate being
endured by Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe and
Chief Osita Chidoka at the present moment.
Part of the statement said: “The orchestrated
witch-hunt against Chief Chidoka and Senator
Abaribe must stop with immediate effect or
else, every APC infrastructure across Biafraland,
both human and material, will be decimated
beyond recognition.
“We are not interested in engaging in any direct
confrontation with anybody, but if Nigerian
government thinks it can harass these
outstanding Igbo sons because they merely
stood up to surety our leader, then they are
grossly mistaken.
“The obsession of this APC regime with
Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB and Biafra is its greatest
undoing. Using blackmail to intimidate the
political class in the South East does not mean
there are no more men of good conscience,
who can rise up to criticize evil when they see
“Senator Abaribe is right to criticise this
catastrophic disaster of a government. We are
waiting to see the faces of those purportedly
seeking his recall and it is then they will know
how powerful we are.
“IPOB is not and will never be interested in
Nigerian politics but any politician unfairly
singled out from the South East, South-South
and Lower Benue to be ridiculed and messed
up by either the EFCC or any other government
agency, will be resisted.
“There are countless corrupt men and women
both inside and outside the present regime that
have so far eluded EFCC investigations. Why is
it that not a single Fulani man has been
prosecuted? But a very sick Olisa Metuh is
dragged in front of TV cameras every day,
humiliated and ridiculed because Igbo are
politically irrelevant in Nigeria.
“This confirms that politics of appeasement
played by politicians and people of South East
and South- South is counterproductive.
“In their futile desperation to be seen as good
Nigerians, they allow their sons and daughters
to be humiliated by EFCC before High Court
“What they fail to ask is, where are all the core
north treasury looters? Why are these looters
of the treasury not dragged before the courts
by the EFCC? This is a wake-up call to those
who for long have buried their heads in the
sand because of fear and threats of blackmail.
“IPOB is against all forms of corruption, but
war against corruption should not be used as
an instrument of coercion as is the case with
Osita Chidoka and Senator Abaribe.
Threatening to recall Senator Abaribe because
he spoke his mind is an impeachable offence in
any civilised country. We recommend that
controllers of Buhari’s regime should start their
one-sided anti corruption crusade from the
North because they have the highest
concentration of looters.”

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