• I, Apostle Ogbodo Ogochukwu Timothy on behalf
    of the entire Biafran population resident in Sierra
    Leone, hereby write to very exceptionally
    congratulate the incumbent Sierra Leonian
    President, Retired Brigadier General Julius Maada
    Bio of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) and
    his newly inaugurated government on their victory
    at the polls. They clinched their Presidential
    victory both on the 7th of March 2018 and from
    the subsequent runoff election that was
    conducted on Saturday 31st March 2018, over
    their closest rivalries in the APC. It was
    tremendously greeted with joy all over the country
    as Sierra Leonians now have a new government
    of their choice, amidst fear and uncertainty.
    The family members of the Indigenous People of
    Biafra (IPOB) resident in Sierra Leone, are using
    this medium, to appreciate the law abiding
    citizens of this West African nation, on their
    courage and for trooping out enmass to
    wholeheartedly, exercise their franchise. And to
    the Presidential candidate of the APC, Dr. Samura
    Kamara, we also very warmly appreciate, for
    maturedly and democratically, accepting the will
    of the people in defeat, throughout the entire
    electioneering process.
    Your Excellency Sir, Retired Brigadier General
    Maada Bio, we wish to at this juncture, formally
    bring to your notice by way of introduction, that
    we are Biafrans living in Sierra Leone. We are an
    Indigenous Ethnic Nationality, lumped together
    with other divergent ethnic groups with sharply
    opposing value systems, into a contraption called
    Nigeria through British colonisation, orchestrated
    by Fredrick Lugard in 1914. According to ancient
    and proven historical records, Igbo Biafrans are
    Israeli descendants among the biblical migrants
    from the nation of Israel. As the Israelites
    sojourned into Egypt, some of them moved down
    to a section of Africa where prospectively settled
    to escape the Israeli/Egyptian war in 18 BC. That
    area was later christened Biafra by this
    indigenous people group through consent and
    choice. Today that nation (Biafra) contrapted into
    Nigeria is being known and referred to, as Eastern
    We find ourselves today in Sierra Leone not
    principally by choice, but by necessity occasioned
    by the desire to survive gruesome persecutions
    and seek greener pastures for sustainability. We
    are also seeking our redemption as a people
    amongst free peoples of the world and that is
    why we here in this country, like our brothers and
    sisters scattered variously all over the world, are
    resolutely campaigning for the unfettered and
    total freedom/restoration of the nation of Biafra
    from the enslavement of Nigeria. The Indigenous
    People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide, is ably led by
    Mr. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and effectively being
    deputised by Mr. Uche Mefor.
    Biafrans love Sierra Leone as a nation and their
    Sierra Leonian brothers and sisters as fellow
    human beings. We have sworn to abide by the
    laws of the land, to dutifully respect the human
    rights of all citizens. We are fully aware that out
    of the four Kirios (ethnicities/tribes) that made up
    the nation of Sierra Leone, that Foura Kirios
    emigrated from Nigeria and Biafra during the era
    of slave trade. This nation of Sierra Leone to
    Biafrans, is also ours besides our ancestral home.
    We feel safe and secured here.
    Your Excellency Sir, as the duly elected
    democratic President of Sierra Leone today as
    ordained by the Almighty God, for the purpose of
    delivering His own people out of bondage and
    captivity like the biblical Moses for the nation of
    Israel out of Egypt, we the IPOB family worldwide
    and here in Sierra Leone particularly, implore you
    to be used likewise. The protection of human
    lives and dignity are of paramount importance
    and we hereby plead that you fight with your
    authority as the number one citizen and father of
    all, to preserve these values. And just like the
    dexterity employed by the government of your
    predecessor, Sir Ernest Bai Koroma on security
    matters, be encouraged to maintain and even
    improve on the status quo. As the Commander-
    in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Republic of
    Sierra Leone, the protection of lives and
    properties of both the foreigners and bonafide
    Sierra Leonians are squarely placed in your
    hands. Their hope for survival and aspirations
    should equally be accorded due priority. Your
    ascension to power has elucidated on the streets
    of Sierra Leone, tremendous celebrations by the
    children, youths and the elderly, emphatically
    giving approval that your pick as their electoral
    choice as officially declared by the National
    Electoral Commission (NEC) was not a mistake.
    It will be a colossal disappointment therefore, if
    at the end of your tenure, these people have
    nothing to show for their confidence.
    The expectations of the Indigenous People of
    Biafra (IPOB) worldwide through your excellency
    Sir, is that Sierra Leone as a country will assume
    a more definitive role in valuable and viable
    service delivery to the citizenry, in the comity of
    Nations especially here in the African continent.
    We crave to see a well developed nation of Sierra
    Leone, beyond her present status in all strata.
    The concerns of the innocent Sierra Leonian poor
    masses should be pivotal as you settle down for
    governance. The people of Sierra Leone who
    orchestrated your victory at the polls even at the
    risk of their lives, should be made to enjoy the
    dividends of democracy under your watch.
    As Biafrans resident here in the country, we
    promise to make our contributions count in your
    tenure. We are potentially gifted in industrial and
    domestic affairs that if well harnessed, can
    enhance nation building and development.
    Automobile spare parts industries in Sierra Leone
    of today, are owned by Igbo Biafrans. We import,
    sell and service different brands of auto parts
    from trusted countries of the world, with quality.
    It is our plan to see that by the year 2030, Sierra
    Leone would have become a major economic/
    commercial hub not only within the West African
    sub-region but the entire Africa and the world at
    large. And by the time Biafra fully regains her
    sovereignty as a nation which of course is
    imminent, establishing a bilateral relationship
    between the two sister nations would dedound to
    building on the already existing robust synergy
    between their citizens.
    Signed by Apostle Ogbodo Ogochukwu Timothy
    IPOB National coordinator Sierra Leone

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