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2019 ELECTIONS: Vote out old, failed politicians in 2019, Soyinka tells youths

AKURE —AHEAD of the 2019 general elections,
Nobel laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, yesterday,
asked the youths in the country to mobilise
themselves and vote out old and failed political
Noble Lareate, Playwriter and Poet, Prof
Wole Soyika
Soyinka spoke with newsmen after delivering
the second convocation lecture of Elizade
University, Ilara Mokin in Ondo state entitled:
‘Tending the Tree of Commencement.’
He said: “All I can just tell you is this: Don’t
make the mistake of following those who failed
you before.
“Do not follow those who are pretending that
they have nothing to do with the disaster that
has overtaken Nigeria.
“They are very quick to smell failure, they are
very quick to shout it; but then, they exculpate
themselves, whereas they are the founding
malfeasance of the Nigerian condition.
“That is what I am warning the youths against.
Mobilize, get your representatives and stop
bothering geriatrics like myself.”
He, however, lamented the scrapping of history
studies in schools across the country and the
fact that many people have forgotten their
historical background.
Chairman of the convocation lecture and a
former Vice-Chancellor of the University of
Ibadan, Prof Ayo Banjo said: “The country must
pay attention to the training of teachers.
Teaching is difficult today, if the teachers are
not well paid, they will be looking for something
else to do.
“If you want education to improve in Nigeria,
there should be more funding, more money to
provide a conducive environment.
“There is a need for more money to train
teachers and for them to remain in the service.
You cannot get good service without money; if
we improve the environment and the quality of
teaching, we will continue to move forward.”

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