Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Fresh Report: US President, Trump calls for A Regime Change And Peaceful Transition In Nigeria In 2019.

The United States (US) department has suggested the need for the emergence of a new government in Nigeria in 2019 and requested for a peaceful transition like witnessed in 2015. "Over two decades ago, the number of countries in Africa with really democratically elected government were really very few – only three or four.

It said, however, now we had over two dozen African countries with democratically elected governments and which are hopefully not going to have transitions in government through coup d’etats and other illegal methods.

“As we look at the 20 elections, obviously Nigeria, though it’s not this year – it’s going to be next year – that really is a major priority focus, because that’s going to be the third most populous country in the world by 2050.

“It was really very complex political issues and ethnic and tribal issues and security issues,

“And that’s an area that we really are focusing on how to do a peaceful transition, a democratic transition, but more important is how to hold governments accountable to the people,” the US state department said.
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