Monday, 26 March 2018

Biafrans Questions Danjuma Over Clarion Call For Self-defense (Must Read)

Copied from Chukwuemeka M Chimerue wall:

T.Y Danjuma what did you saw that persuaded you to make this clarion call?

 On 6th September 2015, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra made a passionate plea at the world Igbo congress to support and provide their people with arms and ammunitions in order to defend themselves and their land against the Fulani Islamist and boko haram. He clearly told them that Boko haram are coming to kill them and if care is not taken by the time they may visit home they will have no place to call their home.

 He was called all sorts of names, he was accused of preaching hate speech, he was called a warmonger and some Nigeria loyalist wanted him dead.

FastTrack, after two years T.Y Danjuma  a Jukun and former Nigeria chief of Army staff  and minister of defence who participated in the genocide against Biafrans in between 1967-70 is now calling Nigerians to rise and defend themselves telling them that if they dare depend on Nigeria military for protection they will die one by one. These are  his words;

 "I asked every one of you to be alert and defend your country, defend your territories, defend your state because you have nowhere else to go. Nigeria army are conniving with armed bandit that are killing people."

 From the above T.Y Danjuma statement, was Nnamdi Kanu right when he asked the world Igbo Congress that he need guns and ammunition to defend Biafraland?

 If I may ask Danjuma, what would they people use to defend themselves?

What did TY Danjuma saw that persuaded him to make this clarion call for people to raise up.

He even re-echoed Mazi Nnamdi kanu words that if they people failed to defend themselves that Somalia would be a child’s play.
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