Thursday, 1 March 2018

Attention!!! The life of mazi Benjamin Mmadubugwu is seriously at stake

Attention!! Attention!! Attention!!!

The life of mazi Benjamin Mmadubugwu is seriously at stake

Benjamin mmadubugwu is seriously down in kuje prisons right now,

Biafrans if we don't do something to save him now, then am sorry it might be too late, I have been in kuje prisons from 6:30 A.M  till now that I have left I couldn't set my eyes on him, although I was reliably informed that he has been severely down with pains and acute running stomach since the past three days now and not responding to the medications offered so far, and yet no one knows about it including the I.P.O.B, and the zoo justice nkita nyako has refused to allow him access a better health care medical facilities, but that notwithstanding after much delays I was able to see mazi David nwawuisi today who confirmed that our comrade Benjamin is truly down and the drugs bought for him so far has not yet improve his health conditions and that's he couldn't stand for sometimes now, other officials confirmed it too that he needed better health care if we still want him to stand his trials alive,so fellow Biafrans i am not here to exaggerate or to polish words to suit your hearing or to make you believe me or afraid, because even you too can go there yourself now and see things for yourself if you are a doubting thomas,
but anyways am here to tell you the reality of the situation on ground, so if we don't do something this very minute to let the world know that our brothers life is in real danger and force that devilish woman and her zoo pay masters to free or at least allow him access a better health care facilities right now perhaps to see if we can save him, then am very sorry, well our comrade needs serious attention now please am shivering as am typing this because I can't afford to lose that wonderful guy, so it's better for you all to leave whatever you are doing now and share this like madness and let the zoo elements to know that if anything happens to our innocent comrade then they will surely get whatever they wants from us, prevention is better than "had I know"  this is not a threat but a promise, so share wide, twitt hard, blogg a hell out of it and make sure the relevant authority is aware of this inhumanity and impending murder of our comrade, we needs help urgently,
 All hail biafra, long live mazi Nnamdi kanu, long live the federal republic of biafra
This is mazi victor onyido 
The northern media rep
Reporting for B.T.V northern states chapter,
Share wide!!!
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