We Really Miss Nnmadi Kanu Now – Ohanaeze Ndi-Igbo Cries Out

In a brief meeting had today been 10th of November 2017, an insider that revealed to us, stressed that Ohanaeze have expressed with painful heart, for not backing IPOB, they explained that now they have realized that Nnamdi Kanu was the force why Nigeria were clamouring for restructuring and rebuilding Nigeria, since his vanishing, the restructuring has ended, and the marginalisation have even gain more ground all because he’s no more to lambaste Nigeria and Nigerians.
To transform Nigeria is as difficult a job as stopping mosquitoes in Nigeria. This is because we don’t know where to start. The society has been so demoralised. People have developed the knowledge of acquiring money without much labour. Stealing in public places, embezzlement and corruption at every level have become the ordinance.
Only a leadership by example which NNAMDI KANU showed will help to restore the sanity of the situation. The present regime cannot do it because they don’t even understand what government is.
Look at the NNPC, the 16 positions of management and directors, 12 were allocated to the North, two to the West and two to the Delta people and none to Ndigbo. And you think God will keep quiet. There is God and He is watching us.
We don’t know if we should regret ever fighting for independence and unity of this country. We will never regret because the military spoilt my country. The Nigeria we have today is not the Nigeria we fought for. It is not the Nigeria we sacrificed for; shed our blood and sweat to achieve.
This is not a federation. As I always say, Nigeria, since 1966, has been ruled like an illegal organisation with illegalities because no constitution of Nigeria is the constitution of the people of Nigeria. The 1979 Constitution was a product of constitutional conference amended by the military and then by a decree made effective in law.
The 1999 Constitution was also a product of the constitutional conference or constituent assembly.
The northern military, who edited it, removed the portion they didn’t like and added the ones that suit them. Then by decree, they made it into laws, therefore, it is not the constitution of the people of Nigeria.
Till now, Nigeria has been ruled on illegalities. The President is illegally occupying the position because he is there, not by the constitution of the people of Nigeria, but by the constitution of the military of the North. If this country will grow and continue to be together, there is a need for total re-negotiation of the bases of the unity. But to continue like this, there will certainly be no peace.
President Buhari has handled Nnamdi Kanu’s issue with his characteristic deep hatred for Ndigbo. He has personal hatred for Ndigbo. That was why he took over the government in 1983. That hatred for Ndigbo has not been aborted.
Nnamdi Kanu was erratic in many respects but that wasn’t the best way to handle him. The young man was making his demands. He has followers and why not listen to him and enter into a dialogue with him. What crime has Nnamdi Kanu committed to be compared with the crimes of his (Buhari) own brothers, the Fulanis, in Nigeria today?
During the tenures of former presidents – Olusegun Obasanjo, Goodluck Jonathan, and Musa Yar’adua – did you ever hear of Fulani herdsmen killing people? No! It is only in the Buhari era that they kill people. Nobody is being arrested and nobody is questioning them.
This was what happened in Jos. They (herdsmen) would just invade a community at night with sophisticated weapons and wipe out women and children. Today, they will go to Kanu’s place, knock down the wall, loot the king’s palace, kill young men and carry away their dead bodies.
Kanu and his organisation were never violent. If one group says something in Delta State, he would send people to negotiate and dialogue with them. But in Igboland, if anybody says something for good, he must be killed. Only God will fight for us.

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