Monday, 13 November 2017

Must Read : Abia state house of assembly says IPOB risked the life of millions of Igbo living in the north

Speaking with Vanguard newspapers, Abia state house of assembly speaker, Chikwendu Kalu has unequivocally condemned the actions of IPOB and its leader, Nnamdi Kalu saying their actions put over ten million Igbo lives at risk. He also disclosed that the Igbo quit notice was taken seriously as those who issued it were not speaking the mind of northern elders.  Read below...
Were you troubled over the recent IPOB/army clash in Abia that kept the state in the news for weeks?
Yes I was worried but I thank God for what He was able to use the governor to achieve during that period. What saved the situation was the curfew he imposed when the military came and that calmed the situation. But let me point out that the agitation on the part of Nnamdi Kanu was not done within the ambit of the law. If you have any grievance, it is incumbent on you to explore all legal avenues to redress it. It is not something you begin to militarize the environment to achieve. That is exactly what happened. Immediately after the curfew was imposed, what the House did was to condemn Kanu and adopted the position of the South-East governors by proscribing IPOB. Let me quickly point out, the young man possibly didn’t know that as at the time he was doing those things, 11.6million Igbos live outside Abia. They live in all states of the north and if anything had happened to the few northerners that were in Abia, those 11.6million Igbos may have come to harm.
I am sure you would have condemned the quit notice given by some northern youths to Igbos too?
In fact, I did not take the quit notice seriously. I read that those people were not speaking the minds of the elders of the North.
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