Thursday, 16 November 2017

Gimmer: An Automated Bot-Enabled Platform to Trade Cryptocurrencies

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Gimmer is an automated cryptocurrency trading platform that allows the crypto community to benefit from the continuously growing digital currency market while Gimmer’s advanced bots do all the trading.
The continuously expanding cryptocurrency market offers great opportunities for traders all around the world. With over 1,250 cryptocurrencies, 6,450 markets and a total market capitalisation of nearly $200 billion, digital currencies offer high potential for profits with ample trading opportunities. Traders can take advantage of multiple aspects of digital currencies, such as high volatility, to open and exit more positions in comparison to the forex market.
Gimmer seeks to make automated trading as simple as possible for everyone in the crypto community who is interested in trading cryptocurrencies. Gimmer’s easy-to-use interface and advanced algorithmic bots are suitable for everyone, from beginner to experienced traders and investors. Automated trading is an industry known for its complexity: one has to possess ample knowledge of different programming languages along with several years of trading experience. Unlike other automated trading platforms – both in the crypto and forex communities -, Gimmer requires no programming skills, no previous trading experience and no extensive knowledge of the cryptocurrency market. This way, Gimmer is capable of helping this growing market by simplifying the process and making it easier for more individuals from the crypto community to join in, trade, and profit from the digital currency market.

Powered by the Ethereum blockchain’s safe and secure network along with a decentralised application (DApp), Gimmer introduces a smart and simple solution for automated crypto-trading. The Gimmer team, with expertise in User Experience Design and Full Stack Development, has designed a platform where users can set up bots to do all the trading with a few simple clicks. Once a bot is set up, users can start automated trading and taking potential profits from the cryptocurrency market. This way, the tiring process of sitting behind a computer screen to monitor the trade positions can be avoided – users can even sleep while the bots do all the trading.
Experienced traders can make profits by creating their own trading strategies and utilising Gimmer’s advanced algorithmic bots, these can also be rented out to other users in exchange for GimmerTokens (GMR) – the cryptocurrency powering Gimmer’s ecosystem. On the other hand, novice traders can rent out those strategies utilising the expertise from the more experienced traders. On the Gimmer platform, as well as performance metrics, users can also rate the strategies of other users, thus, the community decides what’s the best strategy to use for trading.
Gimmer offers a great variety of bots, from which the users can choose the best or most exciting option for their trades, determined by the complexity and the level of a trading position. Gimmer’s advanced algorithmic bots are capable of trading multiple currency pairs, as well as utilising different safeties and indicators for the trading positions.

Unlike many companies running their ICOs or Token Sales, Gimmer already has a working product. Gimmer’s public beta platform was released in early 2017 using a centralised application (this has now changed: as Gimmer is building a decentralised application) focusing mainly to validate the core functionality of the trading bots. During the course of four months, over 800 active users participated in the Gimmer public beta creating 7,170 active crypto-trading bots and successfully completing 12,893 backtests. The most profitable bot in the period handed 87 percent of returns, above the organic growth of the coin being traded, to the users.
To further develop and evolve the platform, Gimmer is holding a Token Sale, in which Gimmer Tokens (GMR) will be distributed among the contributing participants. The main Token Sale will start on January 3, 12:00 PM (UTC) and will end on January 31, 12:00 PM (UTC). There is a Presale running throughout December which is by invitation only. During the Token Sale and Presale, backers can purchase up to 100 million of the ERC20 compliant Gimmer Tokens (GMR). Gimmer rewards early birds with bonuses up to 20%.

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