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Nigeria Suffers from Poverty as FG Donates 30,000 Tonnes Of Medical Equipment, Vaccines, $500,000 To Malawi

The Nigerian Government, on Monday in Lilongwe donated 30,000 tonnes of drugs, medical equipment, insecticide-treated nets and 500,000 U.S dollars to the Republic of Malawi, that was hit by a tropical disaster called Cyclone Idai.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Geoffrey Onyeama, who led the delegation of Nigerian Government handed over the relief materials to Mr Nicholas Dausi, the Minister of Homeland Security and Disaster Management Affairs of the Republic of Malawi.

Onyeama said Nigeria had a special duty and responsibility to be a big brother in Africa, adding that any tragedy or misfortune that befalls any African country in Africa or outside the continent befalls Nigeria and it was a burden for the country.

“We share this burden and the loss with you in this country.

“When the hurricane happened, Nigeria was conducting the election, nevertheless, President Buhari instructed us that as quickly as possible we had to mobilise resources to bring to this country.

“We mobilised over 8,000 medical items, equipment to assist and also cash donation of 500,000 U.S dollars.

“The amount is huge, 30, 000 tonnes of items, which will be transported to Malawi in the next one or two weeks maximum.

“Some of our big transporters C130 will deliver the equipment may be in two trips but we sent some of the equipment with a small plane, for this occasion,” Onyeama said.

The Minister, therefore, extended the sympathy and commiseration of President Muhammadu Buhari to the people of Malawi, over the unfortunate incident that claimed many lives and displaced thousands of people.

“Please, accept our deepest sympathy and the statistics are very disturbing, 86 000 people displaced, with some deaths and injured.

He said Nigeria during the years of apartheid in South Africa was considered a front line state because it was part of the struggle for the elimination of apartheid.

Responding, Mr Nicholas Dausi, Minister of Homeland Security and Disaster Management Affairs of the Republic of Malawi, thanked the government of Nigeria for the assistance, which would go a long way to help victims of the disaster.

“On behalf of the Government of the Republic of Malawi and the people that are scattered across 67 camps in the disaster and over 886,000 people affected, I want to sincerely express our deep thanks for your thoughtfulness.”


He said Malawi had benefited a lot from Nigeria in the areas of education and other sectors since 1960, adding that Nigeria had rendered both human and material support to Malawi during the struggle to end apartheid.

He congratulated President Buhari for winning the recently concluded Presidential election and wished him a successful second tenure.

The Director-General, National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), Alhaji Mustapha Maihaja, who described the situation as very devastating, said the relief items couldn’t have come at a better time than now.

"We've to answer the radical question Nnamdi Kanu has posed, June 12 should be declared MKO Abiola Day" — Agbakoba

Former President of the Civil Liberties Organisation, CLO, a human and pro-democracy activist, Dr Olisa Agbakoba, SAN, was one of those who fought for the actualisation of the June 12, 1993, presidential election mandate of Chief M.K.O. Abiola, a struggle that led to the return of civil rule on May 29, 1999. In this chat, he spoke on the Federal Government’s declaration of June 12 as Democracy Day, how to end the scourge of insecurity afflicting the nation, why the North is afraid of restructuring and how to save the country.

* Olisa Agbakoba
The Federal Government has declared June 12 as Democracy Day instead of May 29, and the National Assembly has passed a bill in that regard. As one of those who fought for the actualisation of June 12, how do you feel now?

I feel very happy that it was declared. It is an honour well deserved for MKO Abiola, who was the symbol of the democratic struggle. But what we just hope is that by next year, rather than calling it June 12, and with recognition personally to Abiola, I am looking forward to ‘MKO Abiola Day’, like you have the Martin Luther Day in January in America. That would be the icing on the cake when Abiola would be recognised personally for the struggle he fought for in Nigeria.

Will it be right to celebrate true democracy day in Nigeria looking at the rising wave of insecurity in the country?
It is a challenge that so many interlocking factors are involved. You cannot take away the fact that the economy is not doing very well. Job creation is at an all-time low, and particularly in the North, where insecurity is very high; you have millions of almajaris who are not in school, who have no other means of survival. It is easy for them to be recruited into these criminal behaviours we are seeing. What one hopes in response is for government to, first of all, come out with new security architecture. To deal with this insurrection is of utmost importance. The security architecture that we have this day clearly cannot deal with these issues.

My point is, with the high level of unemployment, people are idle and easily recruited to look for trouble. So, it is important that two things will happen; first, the government must really do something about the economy. The economy is not in a good position that will encourage Nigerians to engage in profitable and good behaviour. Secondly, even security architecture: – the army, police, intelligence – is not in any way modernised to deal with what is going on. Our borders are porous. Al-Qaeda that was formerly in Libya when that country broke up and went into crisis, came down to Mali and from there entered into Nigeria. And Nigeria perhaps is the most vulnerable country for ISIS to operate. As soon as their activities stopped in the Middle East, Nigeria became the place they now found solace. It also finds it very easy to recruit cheap labour and these guys go into violent behaviour and they are ready to destroy. The response from the security architecture is very poor. Don’t forget the fact that these are very poorly paid people. So, the willingness to respond to the security challenge in the North is not there.

Climbing The Roof Top To See Buhari(Opens In A New Browser Tab)
We need to focus on our economic recovery programmes. Our GDP should be at least 6 -10 per cent a year and not at 1 per cent. Our population has outgrown our GDP. We are producing six million new babies every year and that will not work. What should happen is complete new thinking of how our economy will work including our defence and security policies.

Restructuring seems to sound frightening to so many people. Do you think a new name should be given to it to drive home its point and vision?

Changing the name or slogan will sound very good going by what seems a suggestion because I don’t even like the word ‘restructuring’ any more. Whether we like it or not, in the South, to deal with Nigeria’s problems, all ethnic groups must agree. If northerners do not like to hear the word, ‘restructuring,’ then let’s discard it and find a better name for it. All we are trying to do is to say the Federal Government is exercising 98 per cent of the power. They can give us a lot of the power they are exercising. They can give, take for instance; incorporation of business names, issuance of driver’s licence, agriculture, health, marriage, etc. Why should the Federal Government control my marriage in the first place? These are basically things that can be done at the local government level. It is not political actually. Secondly, what is the Federal Government’s interest in the construction of River Niger and the seaport at Onitsha? They have no interest.

Since 1978, the Federal Government has spent over N30 billion fixing the Onitsha port, but not a single ship has come there because the people responsible for issuing the contract for Onitsha port are sitting there in Abuja doing nothing. And they have no idea of what is going on. Why don’t you give it to Anambra State Government to run?

There are many ways the 36 governors and the president can sit and be like a draft and shift items of power here and there. The idea of restructuring is so simple but we made it sound so big and complex. We can have the Federal Government handle defence policies, foreign affairs, immigration and things they can do best for all of us. Matters of religion are a state policy. If the government wants to have Sharia in Zamfara and maybe a Catholic in Anambra State, it is a state affair and should not be federal. If you make religion a national affair, the Moslems will be counting how many Christians are going on pilgrimage and the Christians are also counting how many Moslems are going on pilgrimage. If you go to the airport, a national monument, the Christians build a church and Moslems build a mosque. That’s a problem. 

We need to rebrand and distribute power in Nigeria so that the geopolitical zones can get stronger and rely less on the Federal Government.

Do you agree that there should be financial autonomy for the local government?

It is a difficult question because if you allow that to happen, it will be difficult to have central economic plans for the states. I think the problem really is that the governors as a result of impunity ignore the local governments. That can be resolved if we create strong institutions. Nigeria does not have strong institutions. If there are strong institutions, the governors will not have to behave the way they like with the local governments.
In America, there are local counties that get money from the states but in a way, the state cannot dictate for them. I think that the argument about autonomy is a bit shaky because we have to be careful we don’t have so many entities that disagree with the state governments and cause confusion.

On state police
The argument about state police is such that should not be because the governors might misuse it but my argument is that we should create strong institutions that check what governors can do, in order not to ride on the local governments but the governors must have overall control of states.
The ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, has endorsed Senator Ahmad Lawan for Senate Presidency and Femi Gbajabiamila for the speakership of the House of Representatives. 

What do you think of that especially with the exclusion of the South-East zone?

That is the problem. I am worried that our concern is about sharing and distribution. That is why Nigeria is not working. We are thinking about sharing. The reason we are all concerned about sharing, who will be or have the principal jobs in the National Assembly is that the zones are weak. If the zones are strong, then the struggle to be called a senate president or speaker would be less.

 Everybody wants to concentrate on who will be the speaker of the National Assembly because they have absolute authorities.
When my grandfather was the speaker of the Eastern Nigerian Assembly, he had the power. He didn’t need to be speaker of the National Assembly. He had the legislative authority working for him. That is Mr Egbuna. Then, there was no desire for everybody to go to one spot.

 This brings back the issue of rebranding. If we distribute the powers and say, an Igbo man is made the speaker, how do I know that the Igbo man speaker will be of benefit to me? 

You check! How many Igbo men have been in positions and have benefited the South-East? You name it. That is why we are in this trouble because when money comes in, we share it. When we should be talking about growing, we are talking about sharing. Both Lawan and Gbajabiamila who are clamouring for top positions in the National Assembly, what have they produced? That is why we are not growing. We are just sharing. Money from the Paris Club comes in, we share. What about building infrastructure and creating jobs? That question of Speakership zoning is wrong. The only way we can grow is to have people who will drive the right economy, not those who are interested in sharing. Once you become a speaker, there is too much money for you and that is why everyone is struggling to be this and that.

Looking back at the June 12 struggle again, would you say our democracy is living up to expectation, and how do you score the democratic process so far?

It was a great achievement we all in the human rights and pro-democracy movement achieved and it was a starting point of what we thought could have been a great country, but unfortunately, President Ibrahim Babangida annulled it. Since then, we have been struggling hard to find our feet which we haven’t.

Again, it was a collective effort led by MKO. So, what we say then in response is, ‘have a rethink about this great country called Nigeria.’ Nigeria cannot run on these present economic and political modules, because it is going downhill. The country is the sixth largest country in the world by population and one of the poorest countries with unemployment, high child mortality rate, many children out of school and so many other things. It is not good. The only way things can change is for those who hold power to recognise that the marriage of the ethnic groups is not working, and we need to sit down and ask why our marriage is not working.

We have to answer the radical question Nnamdi Kanu has posed, even though I don’t support his revolutionary and illegal method but I understand and empathise with the point that he is making. The point that says, ‘why is Nnamdi Kanu doing what he is doing’ and how can we make him satisfied?’ We have to speak the truth. Nnamdi Kanu is a Nigerian but he wants to be a Biafran, why? What is so bad with the country that Kanu does not want to be a Nigerian? If we can resolve that answer and get him on the table to say yes, I would like to be a Nigerian, the same way that Odumegwu Ojukwu accepted to be a Nigerian at Aburi in Ghana in 1966, then the Nigerian experiment would be on the road to recovery. Otherwise, we are headed down the hill unless it does something drastic. That is the warning the Nigerian government should heed.

BREAKING!! Tension: Fani-Kayode Replies Critics Of Obasanjo On plot to Islamize Nigeria

ABUJA – Femi Fani-Kayode, the former Minister of Aviation on Sunday replied those criticising Former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s submissions that there are plots to Islamize the nation.

Fani-Kayode, in a statement titled “press statements on Obasanjo’s submissions and my response to Sule Lamido’s comment on them,” expressed sadness over their comments, adding that the former president has done more for the core North, Lamido’s Fulani tribe and Nigerian unity than any other former president or head of state in the history of Nigeria.

“President Olusegun Obasanjo remains the only politically active southern and Middle Belt leader that understands what is really going on, the grave danger that we are in and what lies ahead. He is deeply courageous and his latest contribution that there is an agenda to Fulanise West Africa and Islamise Africa says it all.

“OBJ needs say no more. History and posterity will be kind to him for speaking the bitter truth and saying what almost every other Southern and Middle Belt politician and leader knows to be true but is too timid and too scared to say publicly.

“With his latest contribution he has vindicated yours truly and many others. I saw this coming in late 2013 and I told the world. Nnamdi Kanu saw it coming in 2014 and he told the world. Asari Dokubo saw it in 2015 and he told the world.

“Afenifere, OPC, YOLICOM, PANDEM, MEND, the Middle Belt Forum, the Niger Delta Avengers, IPOB, MASSOB and Ohanaeze saw it in 2017 and they told the world. The Christian Elders Forum, CAN and the Church saw it in 2018 and they told the world.

“Sadly, the world refused to listen, left us on our own and, instead of rising to the occassion and confronting the evil, Nigerians went on bended knee to the powers that be and acted as if they were not saddled with a major problem that was bound to eventually consume them all. Now they know better even though most of them are still in denial,” he said.

The former Aviation Minister said that those, who refused to speak out must now live with the consequences of their indifference, ignorance, cowardice and stoicism, adding, “what a pity.

“It is a tragedy of monumental proportions that a nation that is so blessed with extraordinary human and mineral resources should end up going this way.

“I hear one or two people like Sule Lamido are not too happy with what OBJ said and have called him out for saying it. That is sad and unfortunate because Obasanjo has done more for the core North, Lamido’s Fulani tribe and Nigerian unity than any other former President or Head of State in our history. He also fought in a civil war to keep the country together.

“For anybody from the core North to call him names for speaking the truth and baring his mind over what is unfolding in Nigeria today tells you how blinded by power, insensitive and callous some of these people are.”

“It is only those that subscribe to the Fulanisation and Islamisation agenda that will criticise or oppose Obasanjo’s observation and describe him as ‘a bigot’ for making them.”

If Tehran Attacks, It Will Be ‘Official End Of Iran’ – Trump

US President Donald Trump issued a stern warning to Iran on Sunday, suggesting that if the Islamic republic attacks American interests, it will be destroyed.

“If Iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of Iran. Never threaten the United States again,” Trump said in a tweet.

Tensions between Washington and Tehran have been on the rise as the United States has deployed a carrier group and B-52 bombers to the Gulf over what it termed Iranian “threats.”

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Iran’s foreign minister downplayed the prospect of a new war in the region on Saturday, saying Tehran opposed it and no party was under the “illusion” the Islamic republic could be confronted.

“We are certain… there will not be a war since neither we want a war nor does anyone have the illusion they can confront Iran in the region,” Mohammad Javad Zarif told state-run news agency IRNA at the end of a visit to China.

Iran-US relations hit a new low last year as US Trump pulled out of a 2015 nuclear deal and reimposed unilateral sanctions that had been lifted in exchange for Tehran scaling back its nuclear program.


Sunday, 19 May 2019

APC To Nigerians: South-West Will Produce The Next President and nothing will stop it

Organising Secretary of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in Adamawa State, Ahmad Lawan, has declared that the South-West zone will produce the next president on the platform of the party in 2023.

Igbere TV reports that Lawan, who is currently vying for the vacant position of National Secretary of the APC, promised to canvass for the region to produce the next president during his campaigns.

He claimed that the zone had sacrificed enough for the re-election of President Muhammadu Buhari, hence, should be compensated with the ticket.

Igbere TV reports that Lawan made the remarks over the weekend during an interactive session with newsmen in Yola, the Adamawa state capital.

His words: “APC’s 2023 presidential ticket belongs to the South-West and every APC member interested in the progress of the country should work towards making it a reality.

“In 2015 general elections, the South-West shelved its interest for the North and its candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, and did the same thing in the 2019 general elections. That is a friendship and partnership that the north must maintain and a kindness that must be repaid.”

Lamenting the defeat suffered by the APC in Adamawa state and other parts of the North in the February 23 presidential election, Lawan said: “It should even be considered an inordinate ambition for any Northerner to attempt to contest for the presidential ticket of the party in 2023 against candidates from South-West in view of the immense sacrifice they made for the progress of the country.”

He maintained that APC has a stronger chance of retaining power in 2023, if it fields a South-West candidate.

Tension Erupts Western Nigeria as Fulani Herdsmen Chase Away Farmers From Odu’a Farm In Ogun State

The Onimeko of Imeko, Oba Oyeditan Olanite, has raised the alarm over a plot by Fulani herdsmen to attack his domain.

The monarch said this on Friday in an interview with SUNDAY PUNCH.

Oba Olanite said many Fulani herdsmen had already arrived in the town, adding that they took over about 4,000 hectares of land belonging to the Odu’a Investment Company and chased away indigenes of the town close to the land.

The monarch said the people of the town were afraid because they did not know what could happen next.

He, however, said the people of the town had held meetings which a top official of the Department of State Services attended, saying this was done to prevent a surprise attack on the town, a border community between Nigeria and the Republic of Benin.
Oba Olanite stated, “The leader of the herdsmen was brought to my palace today (Friday) and he said he came to that place through some people. I have called the Group Managing Director of Odu’a and I told him that herdsmen had taken over their land in Imeko.

“In 2018, Odu’a started work on the land which is about 4,000 hectares. They are planning to build a tomato paste factory on the land but they said they would train local farmers to grow tomatoes so that raw materials would not be in short when they start operations.

“But the herdsmen came and drove away all the farmers they met farming near the place. They grazed their cattle on their farms and destroyed their crops. Those ones fled. These herdsmen went further to dismantle the huts built by the farmers and used the materials to build their huts.

“They wanted to attack our people that went to meet them on Thursday but those ones ran away. They attempted to attack them with machetes but our people ran away.”

He further alleged that the herdsmen brought weapons to the land they were occupying illegally, adding that this prompted the meeting held in the community.

“I was told that the herdsmen said their target now is Imeko. They want to attack Imeko because they said the people of the town were the ones who resisted them from taking over this axis. They have a surreptitious plan to attack Imeko,” Oba Olanite said.

The monarch said he had written many letters to the police requesting the establishment of stations and police posts in communities in the Imeko-Afon Local Government Area but nothing had been done.

Recall that some herdsmen attacked Iwoye community in the Imeko-Afon LGA earlier this month and killed four persons.

The Ogun State Police Command said Iwoye was still under a security watch of the police in Nigeria and the Benin Republic.

The Police Public Relations Officer form the state command, Abimbola Oyeyemi, stated this on Friday.

It was learnt that crisis broke out after the cattle of the herdsmen flooded the community stream and polluted the water.

SUNDAY PUNCH gathered that the divisional crime officer in charge of Imeko and a police inspector were shot in one of the attacks.

A source told one of our correspondents that a native was killed by the herdsmen for challenging their action.

Further findings showed that the killing sparked crisis the community, which almost resulted in open confrontation between the indigenes and the herders.

OMG!! Delay at the ATM saves man from boarding a bus that later got involved in a fatal accident

A Nigerian man, MC Paschal Obinna Drich has narrated how a delay at the ATM saved him from untimely death.

Apparently, the delay saved him from entering a bus that was involved in a fatal accident that claimed 5 lives yesterday.

I am posting this LIVE from Enugu Abakaliki expressway, am on my way to Urevene Amarachi2 in Ezza mgbo to MC#Mr_Wiseman_TRADITIONAL_MARRIAGE..i would’ve enter this vehicle but I was delayed at the ATM only for me to return back and it’s filled up..

I shouted and shouted for me to follow this bus but to no Avail so I had to wait for the next one.. Just in less than 35mins later I met this same bus at quarry Site Ezeilo in this condition with 5persons dead and a lot in bad shape just B/W Enugu to Abakaliki, what would’ve happened if that ATM at Holy Ghost mrk round about didn’t delay..where I for Dey???

I don’t know what to say, But thank you JESUS… U said I’ll be behind when its bad in front and u just fulfilled It Again … This is the second time in 8years that you’ve saved me from this same situation of incident.. God God God!!! may your name be praised forever I’m a traveler and you know it and that’s why

I’ve always trusted you alone for my safety GOD Thanks again Am #ijele the traveler and my blood shall never spill by the road side Friends please help me thank this Big God he has done it again

"Let Biafra Go in peace, Nnamdi Kanu is coming back with hell very soon and prepare to face the calamity that'll befall you in Nigeria - Israel

REVEALED! By Onyebuchi Eze

It has become obvious from our secret intelligence in the presidency of Nigeria that Nigeria government is closing down Enugu Airport because Nnamdi Kanu is going to land there with hell as he promised. It is important to let Nigerian government to know that what is coming to Nigeria is worse than hell. 

For their information, Nnamdi Kanu is going to land anywhere in the Zoo including inside Aso Rock when the time comes. Therefore, what is important to note is that what is coming is worse than hell and closure of airports is not going to avert the calamity which they are already sensing in the presidency. 

Just let the people of Biafra go in peace because calamity is coming and political efulefus in Igbo do not know that their days are numbered.

Why The Freedom Of Biafra Can Never Be Compromised


The freedom quest for the nation of Biafra and her people was initiated in the sixties through the dogged effort of the late People's General, Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu who led a couple of other combatant compatriots then serving in the Nigerian military. Virtually all of these heroes have died, leaving quite a number of veterans recruited into the Biafran army in defense of their fatherland alive today, recounting their experiences. That coordinated resistance against the combined military invasion of Nigeria and her foreign mercenaries led by the British, lasted for a period of three good years (1967-1970), to the disappointment of the invaders, claiming not less than 3.5 million Biafrans including men, women, children and even the elderly. Biafran economy, properties/possessions, worth fortunes, were totally plundered.

According to chronicled accounts, an internationally mediated ceasefire/peace was brokered with floated slogan that read: "No Victor, No Vanquished". A program of triple "R" :...REINTEGRATION, REHABILITATION AND RECONSTRUCTION of the entire old Eastern and parts of the Midwestern regions devastated by this annihilative war, was initiated. But instead of carrying out that policy as Biafrans were made to believe, it was the Yorubas and the Hausa-Fulanis that suffered no displacement nor destruction, that largely benefited, thus making the entire peace process guide earlier instituted to engender genuine reconciliation and unity amongst contending parties, delusional. It is most unfortunate to point out therefore, that the events that led to that unforgettable encounter, yet thrive today with reckless abandon against same Biafrans by successive Nigerian governments. The people are steadily being marginalized, victimized, kidnapped, gruesomely murdered, pauperised and enslaved across the Nigerian contraption. Incidents that prompted the Biafran armed resistance in defense of their people and homeland (territories) dating back between 1945 and 1970 are very much prevalent after over forty years of hypocritical unity/federalism.

Undoubtedly, Biafra is a spirit. She is indestructible and had already regained her freedom, awaiting physical manifestation. Yes, Biafra is free! It is the spirit that controls the physical, most definitely. The events of today's Biafra restoration drive as tenaciously being anchored by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the courageous, highly disciplined and intelligent leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) globally, can very vividly attest to that. Nigeria is steadily and helplessly convulsing to death as an entity, confirming the prophecies of this divinely ordained liberation crusader of our time. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has the singular mandate of championing the final phase of the inalienable freedom of his people from the pangs and trappings of slavery and deprivations orchestrated by Nigeria and Britain. The meticulous, intelligent, civilized and very rare approach being adopted in the course of realising this laudable generational objective even in the face of provocations and persecutions, is globally incomparable. Indeed, IPOB which is the largest indigenous movement ever to be known to humanity and recognized in freedom agitation, is an exceptional phenomenon.

Biafrans have over the years, variously sacrificed for the unfettered restoration of the sovereignty of their fatherland. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu alongside many others, within the IPOB global family have made and are yet making invaluable sacrifices despite life threatening persecutions from the enemies. Many have been extra-judicially arrested, imprisoned/detained and murdered in this struggle by the agents of the Nigerian state. Fulanised political merchants (saboteurs, traitors and propagandists) both within and without, have persistently vilified the IPOB leader and the struggle in virtually all fronts, with abysmal failures hitting their every move. All their evil strategies and enterprises will continue to suffer shame and disappointment.

Come Thursday 30th May 2019, Biafrans both at home and in the diaspora, will yet defy every odd to accord our heroes and heroines both living and dead, well deserved honor and recognition for their priceless sacrifices in the Biafra restoration struggle. This memorial will be accompanied with a total Sit-At-Home observance across Biafraland. The slain chose to fall that we may live and nothing less will suffice.

The Biafra restoration project is insurmountable. All IPOB family members must therefore maintain high degree of discipline and defiantly get committed to the cause, oppositions on the way to our destination, nonetheless. We must neither mutate nor mortgage our blissful future and that of the upcoming Biafran generations, no matter the allurings of temporal comfort. We have come this far, staking our lives and wherewithal for this all important project. The evolving developments in Nigeria are clear indications that we are close to the finishing line.

The much anticipated Biafra independence is quite imminent. The date and time heralding the trumpet blast for it's declaration may not be known or determined but behold, it is in the horizon. Oh yes!, Biafra is certainly free and we must all get our eyes fixed on the ball for the appointed season of our glory as a people can no longer tarry. God's hand of providence and protection on behalf of His own children (Biafrans), is evidently clear in every ramification. He is completely in charge.

I will keep Exposing Jibril, Buhari Not In Makkah, Deceiving Nigerians With Old Images – Nnamdi Kanu

Acclaimed leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, has alleged that President Muhammadu Buhari is not in Makkah, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Kanu alleged that pictures of the President and his wife Aisha performing Umrah (lesser Hajj) at the Masjid Haram (the Grand Mosque) in Makkah that surfaced online were taken in 2016.

The IPOB leader via his twitter handle said: “Shameless and fraudulent Fulani cabal with corrupt Yoruba media have published a falsehood beyond comprehension.

“This same 2016 photos of late Buhari in Mecca has resurfaced to deceive the gullible in 2019. Despicable!”